What Disciples of Jesus Need (Part Two)

Maybe you, like I, can have an issue with others telling me what I need, too – especially if I haven’t had a chance to decide for myself. But if you are a follower of Christ, it’s likely that you have thought about what it means to be His… and follow Him. These paragraphs can maybe help put words to these thoughts and longings.

Every follower of Jesus needs to meld. A strange word to put into a spiritual context, but stay with the rationale. To meld means to mingle, mix it up, or combine. It relates to two primary industries: metal-smithy and whiskey-making. Both use it to describe mixing unique elements to create something stronger than the individual parts. One creates very practical and concrete results; the other… well, let’s say random and less practical.

I need to meld my life with others. I am better and live the life of “Christ-in-me” with more consistency when I spend time with a small group of other followers. What I am made of somehow brings strength to them; and they make me stronger.

This need for melding landed hard on my life one day when I was at a funeral of a friend. One day, I was sitting next to my friend and his wife – Susan and I in dress-casual, they in full leathers and colors related to their biker group. Three days later, I am sitting in the balcony of a church, watching the ushers wheel in his casket. I watched as fifty or more bikers filed in to the center seats, and realized I was alone. I knew no one well; and worse, no one knew me.

Plato wrote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” The Psalmist says: “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” I examined my life and realized I needed some people around me who knew me, loved me, examined me, and “watched my back” as I sought to progress in my journey with Christ.

Whatever I call my group: small group, Sunday School, Life Group, Cell Group, or “Can-We-Meet-For-A-Coffee Group;” as a follower of Jesus, I need a group. I’m known, I fit, I can learn to use my gifts and “experiment” in learning to love and serve like Christ. Most of all, when I mix it up with these guys who are committed to me, I am stronger.

The Need? A place to meld with others. The Kingdom activity? I get to be involved in Kingdom service and relationships. And when I buy into this whole “melding” need, I get to see the activity and compassion of God in others… and this pleases Him.

By the way, every other week, I meet (read: meld) with a group of around eight others who are committed to be followers of Christ. It’s what a disciple needs.

Mixing it up,