Finishers Going to the Nations!

I invite you to listen to these two finishers who decided to take the steps into missions. Gary Barto worked with phones systems all his life and serves with OM-Ships; Sandra and Hal Henson took the “empty nest” nudge into missions and now serves in OM’s team in Chile!

OMNItube ยท Finishers.


Church Under Fire

Church Under Fire

Click the link above, scroll past the first columns until you see the vid screen and choices to the right – and select “Church Under Fire.” (Sorry, couldn’t imbed the video this time.)

Here are three questions and assignments:
1. Why, in our day of “enlightened people,” do Christians still suffer persecution and martyrdom? Why is this still around?
2. Do a word search, definition of “martyr.” What does it mean? How does it relate to you and me today?
3. Who in the video do you relate to: it could be words said, facial expression seen, etc.? And where are you in this video?