I’m excited.

It’s been a good trip back to the U.S.A. for Susan and me. After another year of Italian life, hearing our “comfort language” of English has been refreshing. Of course, we live in the South, and that makes hearing it even better.

Two words I keep hearing from others this month seem to be normal: busy and exciting. I know both words are relative to the person and the circumstance. Not using one or both words to describe the day isn’t a bad thing.

My heart check happened when I heard someone mention how exciting things were. I have really strayed when I can’t think what excites me (e.g. ramps my heart pace up several notches, stops my breath a moment, and consumes my focus.)

What excites me? When am I so focused on what’s coming or what’s happening that everything else fades? The next gen Marvel movie? Hooking a fish in the surf? Hot doughnuts now lights on?

The doctor introduced me to a new word: sciatica. I had heard it, but had no idea where it was. Muscle, nerve, back, bum, leg, and beyond. Things are suppose to work together – not so with sciatica.

Two months into this malady and everyone I meet tells me their sciatica story, and what has and has not relieved it. One lady in a pharmacy insisted on showing me her patch under her clothes.

Truth be told the pain in my backside could be so agitated and unrelaxed that it hurts – in a consuming way. It’s too excited. It needs to calm down. It has been so agitated at times that I could not do or think about anything else.

But, even without the sciatica, my focus can be on the wrong things.

I want to be so excited about the things of God.

Like the growing number of “behind the scenes” Bible discussions that go on in Hollywood. Or the explosive number of new Christians in otherwise closed nations. Or the open doors that Christians have to share truth and make disciples in Europe where those closed countries are emptying their immigrants.

Or the opportunity Susan and I have to serve alongside Christ-followers who see Europe and especially Italy as the place God is moving and calling His servants to live.

That’s the excitement that halts my breath and focuses my mind.

That, and … the Hot Doughnuts Now lights.

Happy Doughnut Day.