Living the City Life…

How would you change your life if you found yourself in a city of 300,000 people from multiple cultures who speak different languages – and 1/3 of them are either students, faculty, or immigrants & refugees? Here’s what we prioritize:

  • Invest time intentionally. We shop mostly the same stores so we can see the same faces and be in their lives. Cristina served us pizza last night – we know her kids and some of her life dreams. We now have a relationship over which we can build a bridge to the Gospel.
  • Invite and engage. In April, our Christian Dance School friends from V.O.W. will visit us for cultural and missional work (dance in the piazza, teach dance to children, visit the hospital children’s care wing, as well as outreaches to internationals and refugees. We invite students to visit and live with us for 3 weeks to 3 months for ministry, discipleship, engage in a mission.  We also invite teams of 4-14 people to come for 7-14 days for short-term mission work.  (If you are interested in Mentorship or Short-term Missions, let’s begin the conversation!)
  • Take it to new levels when we can. This week, we (meaning Susan) had the bright idea (and brilliant) to decorate our apartment building foyer for Giornata di San Valentino. Colors, hearts, streamers, signs, and the name of each resident with a chocolate heart greeted each person here when they walked in or out the next day. And we build on our relationships. Yesterday, the check-out person at our closest grocer asked us why we moved to Padova or even to Italy. We got to share with her and talk about why we are here. And we take the conversations deeper.

So, now you can pray for us: that doors open when we knock, that we know when and how to take the conversations to new levels, and that we can build bridges to the Good News about Jesus.

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