Bicycles and Turks

Our church has a process that helps Christ-followers build friendships, grow, and get involved. Our V301 is the “how do I see God in my life” track. Session Seven is when we learn about Prayer as a Gift to others, and I always start by asking God to show us who we should pray for (I’m thinking someone in the course will want prayer for something – safe bet!)

Each time, God answers this prayer and we have seen refreshing and healing for someone before the study ends.

This week was a fresh surprise.

Near the end of the evening, a young man walked by the front door pushing his bike. My first response was to send the biggest guy in the group to check it out and lock the door if needed.

He invited him in instead.

But, since we helped 50 or so international students with transportation through our All Nations Cafe outreach, he wanted to turn in or sell his bike, since he was flying out the next morning.

The amazing God-story unfolded. One man bought his bike, then gave him a ride home. Another gave him a preview of what we were studying. One of the ladies asked him to pull up a chair. (Remember: Turk. Islam. Not typically looking for a Bible circle to join.)

By the end of the evening, we knew about our study and why we meet. He moved from stand-offish and into the circle. We told him how God was going to use him in his nation and within his family to be a blessing. We prayed for him that Isa (that’s Jesus in Arabic) would reveal himself and cause him to long for and know Him. And we sent him back to Turkey to be a blessing to his nation.

Afterwards, on the ride back to his hotel, the report is that he was amazed at what we were doing. It was memorable.

And he sold his bike. But the bike isn’t what we really knew he came for. He was an answer to prayer. And our faith soared for him and his wonderful nation!