Choosing to be a church that says … the Kingdom of Heaven is like…

A new book on how to write your “vision statement” is born every three seconds.

I’m exaggerating. But, there are a lot of plans on how to “cast the vision” as business leaders and church leaders and NPO execs.

Here’s my take (this came out of the rich environment for thought that our pastoral staff meetings are!)

How about this. We are a church (or non-profit, or business) that does things that say to our culture “the Kingdom of Heaven is like…”

Here’s an example:

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a plate of lasagna around which an international student who doesn’t have the vocabulary to relate to God sees the love of Jesus in the eyes of those who serve her and listen to her story. For she is readying her heart for the new birth.

Or, the Kingdom of Heaven is like the brew of freshly ground coffee that has the aroma of friendship and a safe place to explore what it means to follow Jesus. For his search for God draws near.

Or, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a living room couch where seekers of Truth can rest, let God speak through Scripture and friends, and find healing.

Or my favorite, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a well-run soundboard that causes the voices and instruments to blend in beautiful worship in order to confront with the grace and power of the Holy Spirit those whose lives are in disharmony.

Today, I changed my personal vision statement.