3 Steps to Setting Up F1 Jobs, Schedules, and Assignments

There are two sides to setting up ministry in Fellowship One: People & Activities.

Below are three “easy” video tutorials for setting up your People: 1)Volunteer Jobs, 2)Schedules unique to your team, and 3)Assignments of specific volunteers and leaders to these Jobs.

F1 can’t communicate for you, but it can give you the tools and data to communicate simply and strategically. This series will give you a “real-time” snapshot of the people who serve in your area as well as help you keep them healthy.

I recommend that you open the videos one at a time (since they go in sequence), and open F1 on your computer in a separate tab. Watch the video, then start it again and set up a job or two in the first video; then set up the unique schedule for a job or two in the next video; and finally, assign servants and leaders to a job or two in the third video.

Our next set of training videos will take you through the other side of ministry, which is Activities & Events: setting up 1)Ministry Activities & Events, 2)Ministry Activity Schedules, and 3)Ministry Activity Rooms/Locations/Classes. That way you can have a 365 degree “real-time” snapshot of the serving that goes on in your areas.

Enjoy! As always, I am available to help you set these up if  you hit a snag! (That is, if you are joining us in this training as a Seacoast Vineyard leaders.)



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