MTS2 Session Two: How Big Is My God?

MTS-2 Bar Montenegro
October 2009

Session Two
Why Am I Here? To Worship Him

How Big Is My God? Jeremiah 33:1-9

➢ Why are we here?
o My guess is that there are patterns with new missionaries. Even old missionaries were at some point new missionaries. We feel adequate, up to the task, before we came. Something gave us a sense that we were created for, equipped for the field.
o Illustration: After all, I am a pastor, have been a long time, I have degrees, and my wife has degrees. She was a missionary, and besides, we’re Americans, too. Doesn’t this count for something? And after all, we have joined OM. 120 countries, 5000 missionaries… 50 years. Hot stuff!
o Our perceptions of a missionary give us an idea that we have what it takes to do it. Then we are obedient and go for it. Then we get here.

➢ What were you before you came to the field?
o What were your gifts and passions?
o What did you enjoy doing in Christian service?
o What did people recognize you for?
o What degrees do you have?
o What certifications did you acquire?
o What were your strengths?

➢ We bring a lot to the field with us and sometimes we even get to use these things. But with all the wonderful talents and accomplishments we bring to the table, the most important is our worship. In fact, the rest don’t even make the list with worship.

Jeremiah 33:3 BIG GOD, little me.
Teaching Introduction: Remember Jeremiah, courtyard, imprisoned, Babylonians surrounded, infrastructure breakdown, kingdom on verge of collapse …And the Israelites continued to say they won’t face judgment, because: God lives here, temple is here, priests are doing their stuff. They were certain that they didn’t sign up for this.

For them, nothing was more significant than this moment, nor important than this place, nor demanded God’s attention than these circumstances – God, at some point, had come to belong to them, rather than they to Him. He was created for them, instead of they for Him. (He had chosen them as a people for Himself, to declare his glory to the nations.)

They had forgotten that they were made for Him, and their story was a small part of a greater, God-sized redemption story.

Illustration: Louie Giglio (in his book “I am not, but I know I AM”) reminds us of this in a unique way – we are really small, and God is really BIG.
o Think how many centuries of people have come and gone that don’t know you.
o Or that 99.9(32 times point 9) of the people alive right now don’t know you and never will.
o And all but a handful will move on within hours of your funeral. We are small – and He is BIG. Not depressing, but liberating!
o We may be microscopic, but we are loved infinitely by a BIG GOD and our lives have the potential to affect generations. As long as we remember – He is God and we are not. We are created for Him, not the other way.

Illustration: Giglio says it this way – God is “I Am” we are all “iamnot.”

He is:
o Center of it all,
o Creator,
o In charge,
o Immeasurable,
o More than enough,
o Savior,
o Lord,
o All knowing, all-powerful – and it all holds together in Him. And he is doing fine with it all, thank you very much.

And all that he is, iamnot.
You have just come into the story that has been playing out in His wisdom all along – and the most significant thing we can do is worship Him in the midst of that story.
➢ God meets us in the moments of pain/joy – yet eternity is the span of his hand.
➢ God draws near to us in an intimate love – yet he is enthroned in highest heavens.
➢ God calls each of us his child and longs for time with him – yet, he has generations, and multitudes He is calling to Himself.
➢ God speaks to us in our circumstances – yet, the same voice holds the galaxies in place.
Illustration: John the Baptist – ministry waning, recognized key principle increase/decrease. Our gifts, talents, passions, degrees, skills, ministries we start, etc. – all are to shine the spotlight on Jesus. If they don’t, they are not worth doing. For he is God and Lord alone.

“There is not one square centimeter in the entire universe for which Christ Jesus does not cry out, ‘Mine!'” –Abraham Kuyper

Table Time:
Here are our passages for this morning. We want you to look up as many as you want to and focus on one passage and ask these two questions.
o Who is God in this passage?
o What does it mean to you today?
➢ Hebrews 11:1-6
➢ Psalm 105:1-11
➢ Psalm 147:1-20
➢ Psalm 139:1-18

Movie clip introduction: Giglio found an awesome illustration about God’s glory and His BIGness! –

➢ Jeremiah, after declaring the end of the world, as his listeners knew it, listed the awesome ways God would fulfill His promises. Remember, verse 3 speaks of the unsearchable, and the secret – meaning what God has already said and promised to do, will be brought to light. Now, look at 33:6-9. How does this translate to our lives and the people we serve? He will:
o Free them
o Heal them
o Rebuild them
o Cleanse and forgive them
So that – read verse 9! When we submit to the I Am (way, truth, life, resurrection,) who went to the cross. He declares to the nations what v9 promises!

Pair up and take the next 10 minutes to pray for one another. It would be best to pair up with someone you don’t know their story, but as God leads you. Hear a little of each other’s stories, then pray for each other that Jesus would increase in their lives as they decrease.


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