Cleansing Fire (Day 2) – God of Purpose & Plan

Day Two – The God of Purpose and Plan
You’ll see all this and burst with joy —you’ll feel ten feet tall— As it becomes apparent that God is on your side and against his enemies. For God arrives like wildfire and his chariots like a tornado, A furious outburst of anger, a rebuke fierce and fiery. For it’s by fire that God brings judgment, a death sentence on the human race. Many, oh so many, are under God’s sentence of death. Isaiah 66:14-16

Of all the Old Testament prophets, Isaiah understood the big picture of God’s plan more than any. In our passage today it is clear that God has a people called and chosen for Himself, and He will protect them from the enemy. Verse 16 states that fire represents God’s judgment on those who are aligned against Him. He also reminds us that there are many who stand under this fire of judgment today, and we can almost hear in His voice His grief for those far and separated from Him. Now compare these verses with the following from later in this passage: “I know everything they’ve ever done or thought. I’m going to come and then gather everyone—all nations, all languages. They’ll come and see my glory. I’ll set up a station at the center. I’ll send the survivors of judgment all over the world: Spain and Africa, Turkey and Greece, and the far-off islands that have never heard of me, who know nothing of what I’ve done nor who I am. I’ll send them out as missionaries to preach my glory among the nations. They’ll return with all your long-lost brothers and sisters from all over the world. They’ll bring them back and offer them in living worship to God. Isaiah 66:18-20
Ask God for many “long-lost brothers and sisters” to come to Him through our work, and through your testimony of his “glory” and of what he has done and who he is. Decide now what adjustment in your time management can help your life give more room for these verses that express the plan of God for the world? Make a note to yourself to adjust your calendar to fit your new plan.

All For Him – Rick


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