Six Part Harmony

One of the biggest struggles full time ministers and missionaries face is keeping a balance between all the roles or aspects of life. When I think of a normal (if there is such a person) missionary, this person works, leads, serves publicly, serves privately, is a student, a friend, a family member, and often also a spouse and a parent. Some ministry or missions teams may even includes people from practically every stage of life – young single, single again, older single, newlyweds, couples with no kids, couples with very young children, couples with many children (almost), couples with teenagers, couples with adult children, and maybe more.

So how do diverse team-members with all these roles and characteristics keep balance in our lives? It takes some effort, but the rewards and success are worth the work. Staying balanced is a lot like bringing harmony together. Each part of the music is different and must be in the just the right place at just the right level to make the music perfect. We might not get harmony in our lives perfectly; but we can work on each aspect of this beautiful gift of the Christian walk and ministry and, with God’s leadership, make it sing!

Centuries ago, the world looked at the stars, the planets, and everything above the earth and said they were situated within spheres. When these spheres moved, the mystics said, they created God’s harmony. I would like to present to you a model –  la SFERA – for getting balance into your life. (Disclaimer: this writer needs work on the whole balance and harmony issue more than anyone!)

Click on the link below to see the model, and comment on what makes each area of your life sphere work well. I will add verses and practical tools to each of the six areas in the near future.


As always,


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